Creating Personal Study Tools To Enhance Learning

When you create a personal learning tool, it will serve as a mental harness to put your thoughts together. Again, the idea of creating your tool for the study will bring out the best in your ability to solving diverse problems through your approach. We shall be taking a look at six steps that you can adopt to create your tool.

  • Get the kits handy

The road to making the desired headway with your studies involves getting close to the tools that you needed to achieve desired success. Your class syllabus, case note, case book and these math calculators are the team members that you are going to need to achieve expected results. Pay particular attention to the topics that you see in the table of contents. Try making a copy of the table and blowing it up!

  • The big picture skeleton

What you are creating here is more than a skeleton because of the roles it will play in your understanding of the subject. If you can create a perfect study tool, it will lay a solid foundation for your learning process. Your skeleton might be useless in the estimation of others; it will however serve useful purposes for you because you are the creator of it.

  • The rules

If you are to create your own rules, then you have to take the full plunge. It will require boldness on your part to take the big leap. If you have a hunch that something will serve as a rule that will be worthy; do not hesitate to embrace it. It will prove valuable when you put it into your study tool.

  • Break the rules into sections

The rules will consist of complex parts and for full understanding, you are expected to break it into bits and pieces. If you wanted to create a contract; you are going to come across three requirements: consideration; offer and acceptance. Make sure you emphasize each of the cases because you are going to have plenty of them as you go along the line. 

  • The inserts

Around each section of a legal case or requirement; make sure you insert case blurbs. This represents a briefcase on the material facts that will help your case. This will follow with a short sentence or two that will help you summarize the holding decisions of the court and the rationale for reaching such decisions. The use of the word ‘because’ will help in forcing you to get to the heart of the principle. Public policy reasons and hypos are part of the must-have inserts.

  • Test the waters

You cannot rule out failure. This is the reason why you must test the waters to make sure you are on the right track. Get some past final exams or old hypothetical problems and see if your tools can effectively work with it when you try to answer some of the questions. If you are having issues with your tool, then you can make the necessary adjustments to tidy up the grey areas.

You must look for ways to get practice problems that will help you make assurances doubly sure. If you are having difficulty in this area; then you can check with your professor. You can get some of these old questions from the school library. Some qualities can be gotten through credible academic sites. They have old bar exams on display on their portal. 


In conclusion, it must be stated here that your study tool can be a flowchart or a set of flashcards. It does not necessarily have to be an outline. This is something that will have your signature impression. Feel free to express yourself.


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